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 As a local representative firm, we can deliver an extensive set of integrated HR and Benefits related products and services to our customers that yield higher returns on investment and solve the touch problems faced each day.   

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About Insurance Solutions Group


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Insurance Solutions Group has a distinguished record of innovation and efficiency in managing employee benefits programs for small-medium sized businesses. We're committed to developing technology that helps us deliver effective plan designs and modern benefits administration. ISG partners with regional and national insurance carriers to provide clients with seamless, no-touch plan administration for both employers and their participants.

Our goal is to create long-term partnerships and provide affordable solutions. By building these strong relationships, we can properly protect you, and guide you through the complex insurance industry. 

At Insurance Solutions Group, our focus is not providing the cheapest insurance provider, but rather being the one to offer you a strategic balance between the best coverage, and affordability. 

Ultimately, it's the information, solutions and service to our clients provided by our staff of experts, our employees, that separates us from other Brokerage Agencies.